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Like a wine grape an oyster is the result of where and how it is grown, so, when we first discovered just how delicious the oysters that grew in the cold, pristine waters of the Atlantic that surrounds our beautiful Island were we got very excited.  We realized we had found some real gems.  We are mates, three local lads (two brothers and a pal) and we had a vision – to create one of the country’s best oyster farms, and to hand rear as many of these beauties as possible to share with the world.

Oyster farming is neither for the faint hearted or cheap to start. We desperately needed financial investment. We met David and Allan Jess, of A.P. Jess Scottish Food Group, two entrepreneurial brothers who came from a long-established family business. Fortunately David is almost as passionate about oysters as we are and he and Allan and shared our dream. And so it started.